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Medical Data

In October of 2008, the WCRIBMA announced that the WCRIBMA’s Governing Committee approved the adoption of the NCCI's Medical Data Call. The Medical Data Call requires the reporting of line item detail from medical bills relating to workers' compensation medical payment transactions. The WCRIBMA entered into an agreement with NCCI whereby NCCI will collect the Medical Data Call on behalf of the WCRIBMA. The Medical Data Call began with the collection of medical transactions occurring in the 3rd quarter of 2010, reported by December 31, 2010.

Carrier groups with at least 1% market share on direct written premiums in any one applicable state over the most recent three years are required to submit the Medical Data Call. Once a carrier meets the eligibility criteria, the carrier will be required to report for all applicable states in which it writes, even if an individual state's market share is below the threshold. See NCCI's Medical Data Call Reporting Guidebook for the list of applicable states.

Reporting Guidelines

For more specific information about the Medical Data Call, please visit the NCCI web site and access the Medical Data page from their Data Reporting menu which provides links to information such as:

  • Medical Data Call Reporting FAQs
  • Medical Data Call Tools and Resources Guide

See the following MA Circular Letters related to the Medical Data Call: #2106 (issued 10/29/08), #2126 (issued 6/18/09).

Questions regarding the Medical Data Call should be directed to NCCI.


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