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Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Rate Filing - 2008

The following is a timeline of the 2008 Rate Filing Process with links to the underlying documents.


03/01/2008 - The WCRIBMA submits a Rate Filing (Filing), proposing a 2.3% increase in average rates for industrial classes and an 18.1% increase for F-Classes. Additionally, the WCRIBMA files to increase the expense constants. The proposed effective date of this filing is September 1, 2008.

03/03/2008 - Circular announces submission of the Rate Filing (Circular Letter #2084).

03/07/2008 - The WCRIBMA issues a Circular with the Notice of Hearing and a Pending Premium Change Endorsement (Circular Letter #2086).


04/17/2008 - The WCRIBMA, State Rating Bureau and the Office of the Attorney General  sign a Stipulation, agree to an overall average decrease of 1.00% in the average rates, an overall average increase of 8.55% in the existing F-Class, +/-15% classification capping and a 3-tiered expense constant (Stipulation).

04/18/2008 - The Commissioner of Insurance approves the Stipulation. The WCRIBMA issues a Circular with a copy of the Commissioner's Decision and the Stipulation (Circular Letter #2088). The filing exhibits have been revised to reflect the stipulation (Filing Exhibits Revised with Stipulation).


05/13/2008 - The WCRIBMA issues a Circular with Changes in Manual Rates by Class and Effects of September 1, 2008 Rate Change(Circular Letter #2089).

05/13/2008 - The WCRIBMA issues a Circular with Manual Rates and Rating Values effective September 1, 2008(Circular Letter #2090).

05/14/2008 - The WCRIBMA issues a Circular with the revised Guidelines for Workers' Compensation Rate Deviation Filings (Circular Letter #2092).


09/01/2008 - New Rates and Rating Values become effective.



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