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Depopulation Reports

The following depopulation reports are prepared to encourage and facilitate the depopulation of the Massachusetts Workers Compensation Assigned Risk Pool.

Depopulation Report
The Depopulation Report provides detailed information on employers with a policy in the assigned risk pool. The application enables carriers and agents interested in insuring these employers in the voluntary market with a tool to identify them. Several search criteria (governing class, zip code, expiration date, premium ranges and experience modification ranges) are provided so that the user can target specific risk types, geographics, etc. that suit their interest.

Depopulation Report for New Assignments
The Depopulation Report for New Assignments provides a monthly list of new assignments processed in a given month within the most recent two months. It should be noted that the rating factors indicated (experience rating and ARAP or merit rating) are the factors that were available at the time the Notice of Assignment was processed. Since the issuance of the Notice of Assignment, rating factors may have been issued or updated.


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