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Test Audit Program

The WCRIBMA’s Governing Committee has approved the implementation of a test audit program as authorized in Article IV of the WCRIBMA’s Constitution. The primary purpose of the WCRIBMA’s Test Audit Program will be to monitor the accuracy of the audits of the member carriers by verifying that classifications, rates, rating plans and other rating values are accurately applied; and to further ensure that the rules contained in the Massachusetts Workers Compensation & Employers Liability Insurance Manual have been applied correctly. In addition to verifying the accuracy of the carrier’s audit, the WCRIBMA will also scrutinize the statistical data reported to the WCRIBMA to confirm that it is consistent with the business operations of insured risks and to ensure that proper information is reported on the unit statistical reports used for the calculation of rates and individual experience rating modification factors.

The test audit program will be rolled out during January 2019 with the goal of having the program fully staffed and functional by January 1, 2020.

Each carrier is required to complete a Program Coordinator Designation Form to designate a primary individual to act as the carrier contact (Program Coordinator) to which all subsequent correspondence related to the Test Audit Program will be distributed.

For more information on this program, refer to the WCRIBMA Test Audit Program or to the MA Test Audit Program FAQs.

Program References:

January 1, 2019 – The WCRIBMA Test Audit Program is announced. (Refer to Circular Letter #2337 dated September 14, 2018.)



Program Overview

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