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The WCRIBMA is a private non-profit unincorporated association of insurers that is licensed by the Massachusetts Division of Insurance as a rating organization for workers' compensation insurance in Massachusetts. We have been serving the needs of insurers, regulators, insurance agents and employers in Massachusetts since 1915.

As a licensed rating organization, the WCRIBMA collects policy, claims and financial data from all carriers licensed to sell workers' compensation insurance in Massachusetts. We file rates, classifications and rating plans on behalf of our member insurers. The WCRIBMA acts as the workers' compensation statistical agent and Assigned Risk Pool Administrator for the Division of Insurance, and coverage verification entity for the Department of Industrial Accidents. Our organization also issues experience modifications and classification rulings for the employers in our state.

The WCRIBMA's goal is to provide the highest quality services in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible for our Massachusetts customers. Our web site is an example of how we continually seek to enhance communication and provide quality assistance to those utilizing our services. I'm sure you will find the web site informative and easy to use.

Thanks again for visiting our web site. The entire WCRIBMA Staff looks forward to continuing to support the industry in the future.



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The Workers' Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau of Massachusetts
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